How the Lord saved my daughter's life

It was an early morning summer after the 4th of July

holiday. I got up had breakfast wash my hair proceeded to sit under the drier when the phone rang. It was news regarding my daughter. She was on her way back to Hollywood Florida, her car flipped over w/one of my brothers,granddaughter,and my niece. They were all taken to the Hospital where they were treated. Once I got the news I made an attempt to get at her bed side, when I arrive after a gruling  attempt, and effort to get there. Thank the Lord the way was made.  When I saw her it was serious and I was spell bound I couldn't react. I looked her over to find areas where they had not checked. She had sustain injuries to her head. The nurse was notified. she was screened and treated further.

She sustained injuries to her legs and arms, a fractured ankle, stiches to her head, the others had minor injuries. After a couple days they were all discharged. My daughter left the hospital w/a wheel chair, unable to walk, unable to use her legs normally she had difficulty w/ mobility. but inspite of, thank the Lord I prayed for her recovery earnestly asking the Lord, for her speedy recovery and total healing. It was a process but I have to say it was the Lord hand of mercy on her life how he restore her back to health totally. She has recovered, walking again and back to normal

I give God praise/glory for this. It was his hand of mercy over her life. He is a healer


Jax. FL

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He's Amazing to me

I have so many stories to tell of the Lord's goodness to me I can't tell it all

Its been five [5]yrs since my surgery, twice to remove a mass in the stomach area

I had a Hestorectomy  > I'm Healed

The doctor was very explicit, " he said to me u need surgery" I prayed about this decision, and gave it over to prayer. Finally I gave the consent for surgery, it was a total success. I give God all the praise and glory for what he has done in my life. Even not to mention an automobile accident of how he delivered me from the crash. Amazing the Lord is my shield and buckler a very present help in trouble. 


Jax, FL

Just a foot note : > Like a soldier endurance is the key..for the battle is not for the swift nor the strong but the one that endures to the end..staying the course- fighting the good fight of faith..regardless to the encounters- come what may..even when it seems hopeless and your strength is gone get a praise and a promise and whole to His hand- be mindful of His word- u will look back and wonder how I got over ...

Now is no time to be complacent and nonchalant or unconcerned or @ ease walk in the spirit and not the flesh. Stop your time wasting and focus on truth> Tomorrow is not promise. Now faith is! Open your heart for out of it flows the issues of life... > llh

Kind regards